Homeopathic First Aid Remedies

You don’t have to poison yourself or empty your bank account to get immediate relief from burns, falls, bites, stings, puncture wounds, etc. I have been am aficionado and user of Homeopathic system of medicine for my ills–especially in my traveling days! Remedies are really “energy” medicine and are available at ordinary health food stores or on the Internet for $8.00 or less.


Extra Daily Serving of Fruits or Vegetables Can Save Lives and Billions in Health Care Costs

In 2013, The Union of Concerned Scientists released a study showing that

Policies Should Promote Access to Fruits and Vegetables, Science Group Says


“If Americans were to go a step further and ate a full 2.5 cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit daily, as recommended by federal dietary guidelines, it could prevent 127,261 deaths each year and save $17 billion in medical costs. The economic value of the lives saved from cardiovascular diseases is an astounding $11 trillion.

A comprehensive system to get healthy, lose weight and have more energy

Healthy foods

Healthy Real Foods

I am concerned because the “good life” has contributed to an alarming overweight and health problem in U. S. I am concerned because I am sure that so much creative talent is being wasted and unused because people are not operating at their full capacity. In desperation people are resorting to lose weight quick schemes that are compromising their health.
I have created a system to guide you through a dietary change that is simple, creative and safe. It is unique because it includes all aspects of your life. You eat more—and more often! For extra support, there are a couple of energy exercises that will help you in those stressful moments, an easy daily cleanse so you don’t have to subject yourself to a harsh cleanse, and even some inner support.
Do you have a dream that you have put on the back burner? Not enough energy? Not enough focusing power? Don’t look good enough? You can get on track with this system. Yes, you will have to eat differently for the rest of your life. And you will love the way you look, feel and create, so it won’t be a challenge.

Real Food–It’s delicious

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Real food that tastes good and supplies your body and brain with the fuel it needs to have the inspiration and energy to follow your dreams!